Thursday, March 10, 2011

she was everything to me :)

she was everything to me
she's my all
pegi mampus ok
ini life aku dan dia
bahagia 2 kami yg rasa :)
she's my princess
she's my darling
she's my baby
she's my sayang
she's my manje
she's my omeell ;)
and for the last calling for her is ammy
she is my ammy
and im in love with her
dia juga penawar hidup sy
madu dan racun dlm hidup sy
semangat sy utk teruskan hidup
tempat sy mengadu sakit,perit,derita dr segala
dia cinta hati sy
dia jantung hati sy
im happy with her
im too love her and i cant leave her alone
siapakah si dea?
ini dea my sayang
tgu jap k 
gmbr baby ad dlm phne
next post k 
ady post gmbr amy :)

                                                                   i love u baby :)

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