Thursday, March 10, 2011

finally she' home! yeahh

yeah,finally too we are not fighting2 more
we are happy together
glad to be with her
and finally she's home
hi sayang :)
awk da balik uma?
have a nice day k manje
enjoy your day 
so,how's your kucing?
1 mati manje ea?
sokey lababy :)
suruh bapak dea cri ibu baru ea
nt bole ehem2 lg ;D
awk tgu sy balik k
tepat 10 mlm sy text awk
awk tgu sy ea sayang 
im home and make sure u happy :)

i love u every second that i breath,every minute that i think about u
u take a good care k :)
u always in my mind :) 

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