Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just For u My Baby Boo :*

Opss!Assalamualaikum.. :)
Hrmm..lama nye xupdate blog ni
Sayang sy pn da lama xupdate blog kite ni kn?
Nk kne ni ady ni.. ;)

Ouk sy xbyk mse,just ade lbih kurng 25mnt je nk wt blog ni..
sbb ape?
Sbb satg nk ngok masterchef plk..hehe

Ouk,1st I want to say Happy Our  4 Years 6 Months Anniversary to my beloved Muhd Hady Azman
Which is currently at Ireland..
Wah speaking gitu.. huhu

Sayang..thanks for everthing..thanks sbb masih lagi dgn sy..still nk jage sy..care about me..
Sabar layan kerenah sy ni..mtk maaf sgt  cinta klo mmg sy salu wt awk trase..i know I’m not a perfect girlfriend for u..but as long u know I’m try to the best for u..
Sorry if I’ve hurt u..so sorry… :(
I don’t want lose u mydear..please stay close with my ady… :’)
Semoga hubungan kita sntiase diberkati dan diredahi Allah..
Dan sy nk awk tao..sy bahagia dgn awk..terima kasih myboocit utk segalanya  :)
Awk boo boo cit sy k ady..hehe

Ouk..da..xmao sedeyh2 da..
Nywy,esk mydear ade pper kn sayang?
Gudluck ye manje..
Sy sntiase doakn yg terbaik utk awk..semoga urusan awk sntiasa dipermudahkan sayang.. :)
Permudahaknlah segala urusan pepriksaan akhir Muhd Hady Azman YA ALLAH..AMIN :’)

Okay..i think,,that’s all  for today..
Wah da cm lecturer suda..hehe
Sayang..klo ade mase nt,awk update jgk ea blog kite ni.. :)
Our blog..is our memories :)
Everything about you and me..also about us.. :)

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